blog pictureWelcome to ‘I Say I Say’, a blog about words, sayings, stories and more. We live in a world of words – words that define us, words that express us, words that tell the stories of our lives, and words that speak into the lives of others, for good or bad.

‘I Say I Say’ explores these types of words and more.  Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, and sometimes downright confused, this blog tries to make sense of the words in our lives. Hopefully,  it will inspire you, or challenge you, or just give you a laugh – but it does aim to affect you.

Who says?Me and a cuppa

The blog is written by Glynis Quinlan – a journalist, PR practitioner and teacher who has made her living primarily out of writing ‘words’ for close to three decades.

Glynis hails from the small country town of Kempsey on the mid North Coast of NSW (Australia) and currently lives in Canberra, the nation’s capital. When she was little, Glynis used to talk a lot. Her parents recount that, when she ran out of words to say, she would resort to singing. I think they got tired of it! But as she grew, Glynis learnt how to listen, and then to inquire. In this way, the budding journalist was born (with the help of a uni degree and some rural newspaper training).

From there it was on to a career as a press secretary, a public relations practitioner, back to journalism and then on to teaching in most of these fields. And, amongst it all, resided the creative writing hobby. All in all, this is a lot of words!

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