The ‘W’ words

News Flash: I love ‘W’ words! There’s something about words beginning with W Words2‘W’ that seem to give them a special place in our language.

Often they are quite functional words. For example, when I am teaching people how to write journalistic articles, I urge them to cover most of the five ‘W’s and the lonely ‘H’ in their lead sentence. This refers to ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’, ‘When’, ‘Who’ and ‘How’.

But the letter ‘W’ also heads up whole categories of interesting words. These include:

  • weird words like wiggle and wobbegong
  • wise words like well-advised, wait and wit
  • wasted words like wallow and wrangle
  • wishful words like whiff, whimsical and wonder
  • wobbly words like wacky, waddle and wishy-washy
  • whispered words like whimper and wistful

Perhaps the special appeal of ‘W’ words has something to do with the letter itself. It can be written with a special flourish and is the only letter in the English alphabet with more than one syllable.

Its pronunciation tells us it is double the worth of a ‘U’ and Internet users often dub it as ‘dub’. What more is there to say? Letter number 23 is worthy of wonder!

Do you have a favourite ‘W’ word? Comment and let me know.